Sunday, January 08, 2006

Whats Scary

What’s Scary?

This is probably a strange question – but it’s based on a dream I had recently. I was standing in a parking lot that had a very clear veiw of the Interstate. Cars, trucks and an inordinate number of charter buses were whizzing by at too fast a speed (as usual). I found myself cringing every time a vehicle waited too long to apply brakes and slow down. Each time, the drivers barely escaped rear-ending the vehicle in front of them.

I found the entire situation stressful, made worse by the lack of care or interest by those who were with me.

Then, suddenly, one charter bus slammed into the back of an 18 wheeler and exploded, followed immediately by another bus slamming into the back of that one and so on and so on until the wreckage and fireball began to grow outward, approaching our little parking lot. We began to run away to escape the blast.

It was all quite terrifying, made even more so by my feeling of utter helplessness. This dream so disturbed me that I could not go back to sleep. Though we ran from the area immediate to the destruction, there wasn’t an overwhelming sense that I could die. I suppose my confusion is as to why this dream was so very scary? Is it the loss of life? My helplessness? The lack of concern? The recklessness in the way people were moving along on the highway? Does this mean deep down I’m a control freak?


Tige said...

What is scary to me?

Speaking of dreams. Sometimes I'll be dreaming and I'll be caught in some kind of circumstance where I am trapped for one reason or another. (Next time I have one of these dreams I'll try and remember what the circumstance was.) In my dreams I will start yelling and trashing and physically I'll really be moaning and tossing to the point that I get woke up.

Air said...

Hey -- I read your post right now about dreams -- they can be very unsettling, your dream at face value does seem to deal with issues of control of what was actually happening on the interstate and the reactions of the people with you. Can you think if anything happened recently that was in any way related? say for example: you were stuck in traffic.... or you didn't get the expected reaction when explaining something... or in general you're just fed up with the pace at which people are going and the apathy that they have toward important things..

I guess that's what I've tried to rationalize my dreams to be. People say that it has to do with unconscious desires, as well. I believe that, but mostly, I think it's about what's been going on with a person, what that person's been thinking of or focusing on. Like - people who are about to take a big test, often have dreams of being late, or failing, ..etc...

Anyway, I found your site by chance maybe 6 months ago -- read through all your fiction pretty quickly and it was good! I'm always so amazed when people have such talent, it really does take something to piece together thoughts, stories.. especially with someone like you, who seems to have a lot else going on.. that said - i'm waiting on the endings for the works in progress!!! LOL = )

Take Care!

Devi said...

I have enjoyed your works, very simple way to our heart. Do I have to tell more about it... "Just Great". About dreams. There is a style of writing which I am familiar like "flow of selfconsciousness", in our part of the world. It take a person to the inner feelings of the character as if the character speaks to itself and reach us. It is simple here and I love it. The point I want to tell is, you are capable of drawing the every lines of each inch of human feelings to something very simple but lovely interpretaions, so that reader can reach it as if they themselves experiencing it. You notice consciously or unconsciously everything happening around you and stock it there. Something your mind is over-flowing while you obviously working on something else. The only way the mind want to expel the tension is through this dream. And it is your mind who talks. It is not that you a freak or scared of death. Atleast, even though I don't know you personally, I think so. While you bring your characters talk, your mind talks this way, giving a giggling in your ears like "hey, something like this also is there out". I know it is scary, when you say it. But it try to say something to you and I wish you listen to yourself more.

I see a lot from over the globe have reached you. Does it scare you. they expect the best from you. because when you write "the way Jasmine look at Joshua" they dream keeping their eyes open how she really looked at him. Am I different? No. Wish you all success. Every scream for finishing Jerry's story is the way we can reciprocate to your heartwarming stories, that is our saying thank you too.

I am not saying I have not read great stories, offcourse yes, but then there is something "you" in your stories. Simple Road to Readers Heart. Good luck.