Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blowing off the dust ...

I'm shocked at the time that has passed since I last posted here. I'ver been thinking more about the nature of time lately. It seems that the more time we have under our belts, the faster it seems to slip through our fingers. And the more desperate we feel to make it count.

I hope to make this an opening salvo in a re-boot of this painfully neglected blog. This mission statement is life in general, although instead of calling this place Jackee's Corner, I may as well call it Jackee's Garden (or Jackee's Jungle) as the case is these days. I've been absorbed in painfully amatuerish attempts to grow vegetables and herbs over the past few years. (By the way, anyone have any insight as to why a package labeled "bush beans" is vining all over all over my raised beds?)

Writing may ensue as well, in bits and pieces. For any who may be curious as to the status of a couple of stories, those loose ends will be tied up. In time.